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  • MadCap software

    Whether you want to publish a manual using A5 or A4, or bring your working instructions online… specific software can do the job for you. We use software that is specifically tailored to the needs of technical writers. With MadCap, you can save your content to a central location. From then on, you can reuse it in whatever way you want.  Manual writing software such as MadCap is ideal for planning multiple manuals in multiple languages.

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  • Multi Channel Output

    Multi-channel output is all about making content available through various channels. Users’ needs have shifted drastically and continue to do so, which is why multi-channel output is becoming more and more important. In this article I will outline the ten most significant advantages of multi-channel output.

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  • Content Management

    Content management revolves around the creation, collection, management and publishing of information. A Content Management System (CMS) is a software system that computerises this process in an effective manner. In a content management system, content, design and structure are separated from one another; when the information has been collected/generated, a template dictates the design and the Content Management System can then publish the information in any preferred manner. Because content exists in its own right, it can be reused to serve different objectives. In this way, information can be handled efficiently while reducing costs.

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  • Content management: promoting reuse right from the start

    Content management stands for reuse of information. For example, you could decide to adapt the printed edition of your manual for use on the Internet. Manualise is using special content management software to fulfill all your wishes. As a matter of fact, we are reseller of MadCap software, the most advanced content management software around for technical writing. In short: we consider ourselves specialists when it comes to content management. Which also is a plus if you are looking for similar manuals in multiple languages

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  • A strategic approach to organize your content

    Before creating your manual or set of manuals, it is always a good idea to decide on a so-called content strategy. A content strategy basically is your answer to a simple question. That question is: which output channels would you like to use? Would you like to be online or would a printed edition of your manual do? Would offline presence on your smartphone be the solution? Manualise can help you answering these questions.

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