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    Whether you want to publish a manual using A5 or A4, or bring your working instructions online… specific software can do the job for you. We use software that is specifically tailored to the needs of technical writers. With MadCap, you can save your content to a central location. From then on, you can reuse it in whatever way you want.  Manual writing software such as MadCap is ideal for planning multiple manuals in multiple languages.

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    What is MadCap?

    What does MadCap consist of?

    What is MadCap?

    MadCap is manual writing software based on a so-called content management system (CMS) for technical documents.  Documents in MadCap do not have a linear character, like a book. Any document in MadCap is a information block that you can use or reuse, if so desired. This topic based approach, also called ‘topic based authoring’, saves a lot of time. You can use the same information in:

    • operation manuals and maintenance manuals,
    • online help in software applications,
    • online working instructions on webpages
    • and so on.

    You can also use MadCap for setting up instruction videos.

    Manual writing software like MadCap includes responsive design technology. This is another way of saying that you can present your content on any platform: a laptop, a desktop, a tablet of a smartphone.

    Files in the Microsoft Word format should not be a problem for MadCap. Nor should it be a problem for any other software application geared to technical documentation, such as Adobe FrameMaker or Author-It.

    What does MadCap consist of?

    MadCap is a so-called software suite. It consists of a number of modules that you can purchase – or not, of course. MadCap Flare is the most important module of the suite. It helps you to organize your information in separate blocks, thus promoting reuse. You can reuse the information blocks wherever you want.

    Other modules have their own character:
    • Lingo takes care of your translations.
    • Pulse gives you an opportunity to monitor the use of online working instructions in terms of number of visits, including the length of these visits.
    • Analyzer is a projectmanagement tool to set up your technical documentation project.
    • Mimic is a tool to create and edit instruction videos.
    • Capture is a tool to create and edit screenshots.

    The modular approach of MadCap gives you flexibility in any way imaginable.