About us

Office Manualise

Manualise specializes in manuals

It is our dream to make and/or improve technical documentation of each brand wherever on this globe. After that, we would like to manage this documentation so that all information will stay up to date.

In our perfect world, everybody always has access to all relevant technical documentation in every language desired. This technical documentation should improve any human-product interaction. Such interaction should lead to a SUBLIME user experience. It is, after all, our perfect world ;-).

We want to be known for our:

  • excellent, professional manuals,
  • customer friendly approach.

Manualise specializes in the development, improvement and management of manuals.

Our expert team consists of industrial product developers. All our team members hold a master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree.

Together, we have knowledge of:
  • design and design processes,
  • technology in general and high-tech products,
  • graphics,
  • human-product interaction,
  • European and other (inter)national regulations,
  • specific software used for technical documentation.

In addition, Manualise has a reliable network of experts. Our additional expertise includes translation, desktop publishing (DTP) and software engineering.

A blueprint for all manuals

Manualise develops the ‘master’ for all your manuals.

Are you looking for a partner when setting up a manual or a series of similar manuals? We can help you creating a blueprint for any manual you might want to publish. We are specialists in printed editions as well as online versions. A blueprint or template not only enhances your corporate identity, but also reduces costs.

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A team to support you

Manualise creates your manuals or provides support when necessary.

Manualise can help you when you are so busy that creating your manual(s) becomes a little too much for your organization. Do not worry! We can temporarily provide you with both writers and illustrators. Our experts can work at your location. But we can also support you virtually, via your and our online connections. Please state your wishes!

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A graphics only manual

Manualise can communicate without words, if so desired.

A picture can tell you more than a 1,000 words! If that is the case, we won’t hesitate to use imagery instead! This will not only benefit your customer, but also will save you significant costs. After all, translation(s) will not be necessary. Especially if you are thinking of multiple manuals in multiple languages, your savings could be really, really high!

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