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    Context Sensitive Help

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IO Alumni-Treffen

Industrial designers who have enjoyed their design education at the Delft University of Technology faculty of IDE are welcome to join the IO Alumni group. The purpose of IO alumni is to bring together IDE graduates through informal meet ups.


On August 29th IO Alumni has been invited by Manualise.  The industrial designers of Manualise welcome everybody at their new location, an early 20th century “De Gruyter” warehouse with a stunning view over “the IJ”. The meet up’s theme will be  “The sexiness of information for use” and is characterised by three short breaks:
17:00 – 17:10 Welcome

Tom van de Wiel (Manualise) welcomes everybody in Manualise’s new Amsterdam office and launches the new Manualise website.

17:10 – 17:25 Break One

In daily practice most users do not read user manuals, designers dislike writing and no comments on the design are allowed by technical writers of manuals. The designer  new approach can improve a product’s safety, a product’s usability and contributes to a company’s corporate identity. Ferry Vermeulen (Manualise) about the sexiness of user manuals.
17:25 – 17:40 Break Two

Inspired by a tour of US microbreweries, Amsterdam’s Brouwerij het IJ decided to create their own US-punk-style IPA. Branding studioPositivity Branding was given it’s shortest ever brief (simply “Tits, tattoos, and skulls”) and created a design with enough punch to match the full flavoured brew. Taste and talk about the design of Amsterdam’s sexiest beer label by Gavin Arm (Positivity Branding).
17:40 – 17:50 Break Three

Short history about the “De Gruyter” warehouse and a tour for those who are interested.