Advantages online manual

Reach your target audience better? Choose online

    Manualise is familiar with every conceivable form of output, from a paper manual to work instructions online. An online manual has many advantages, including the lack of printing costs. If you are thinking of online presence of your manual or your work instructions, then you are at Manualise likewise to the right place.

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    Why online?

    What are the benefits of online publishing?

    • You can update your content instantly and thus always have the latest manual or
      work instructions.
    • You can analyze the reading behavior of your users based on mouse clicks and viewing times, which will give you
      provides valuable information to further improve your technical documentation.
    • You collect a “bonus”: Google indexes your manual or work instructions and can present them as
      someone searches for certain keywords – which in turn allows you to link to your website.
    • You can very easily include instructional videos in your documentation

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