Writing terms of warranty

Why terms of warranty?

A manufacturer or reseller has to repair or replace a product that is faulty. Also, a buyer could ask for a (partial) refund if it is clear that he used the product correctly right from the start. In Europe, the warranty for a product should be valid for at least two years. Your terms of warranty could extend that period for any given time.

Warranty terms offer you a great opportunity to create trust. However, your customers should consider your conditions to be convincing. This depends largely on how your warranty terms have been phrased.

The phrasing of warranty terms also gives you the opportunity to make clear where your obligations end. All comes down to writing the terms with both parties in mind. As such, the warranty will contribute to your reputation as a well-established manufacturer or distributor.

Companies that do not sell hardware or software but are offering specific services, are more and more inclined to offer terms of warranty as well. Such terms contribute to a professional corporate identity.

How to write them down?

Manualise has set up a unique plan to write tailormade terms of warranty that are perfectly in line with your specific situation. Please contact us on how to write clear-cut warranty terms!