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  • Examples of high-quality quick start guides

    Quick start guides are becoming more popular by the day. This statement somehow suggests that quick start guides are still in their infancy. This, in turn, may imply that there are not that many examples of high-quality quick start guides around. Both assumptions do not do justice to the current situation regarding QSGs. Yes, one can find some fine examples of high-quality quick start guides in the outside world. And yes, this implies that quick start guides already have a proven track record. This article focuses on two distinctive examples of high-quality quick start guides.

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  • How to make illustrations comprehensible?

    Binnen de technische communicatie is het ontwerpen van illustraties een specialisatie op zichzelf. Een illustratie moet er niet alleen goed uitzien maar ook begrijpelijk en bruikbaar zijn. In dit blog een aantal vuistregels die u helpen bij het laten ontwerpen of het zelf ontwerpen van illustraties.

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  • Manualise: expert in technical illustrations

    Technical illustrations can tell you more than a 1,000 words. As a bonus, illustrations do not need translation. This reduces your costs significantly, especially if you are planning to publish similar manuals in multiple languages. Besides, a user manual or maintenance manual is almost unthinkable without technical illustrations. Manualise is an expert in illustrating technical documents.

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  • Content with the look and feel of your manual

    In a manual template, you can ‘bundle’ every decision you make on the style with which you want to present yourself to the outside world. We are talking color use here, type of fonts, character sizes and so on. A manual template leads to a consistent layout and a recognizable ‘look and feel’, both on paper and online. Your template can also be used to present a table of contents for each chapter or webpage. Needless to say that a template creates consistency when publishing multiple manuals in multiple languages

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