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  • User documentation: what is the best choice?

    User documentation’ is a very general term indeed. What does it mean? Actually, it means quite a lot. And here lies the problem. If the choice for the right mix of user documentation is so overwhelming, how does one make the right choice? This is up for discussion. At any rate, it is important to keep any door open to any form of user documentation. First, there are the user documentation types. Second, there are the output channels for these documentation types. Let’s start with the user documentation types.

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  • What are good product instructions?

    Good product instructions are worth every penny and more than that. How come? One just has to think of the reduction in costs for any helpdesk if product instructions are both complete and understandable. Although opinions differ, the reduction in costs for a helpdesk could be close to 60%. How to write good product instructions?

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  • User research

    In the design phase of a user manual, it is important to know whether the interactions with the user are optimal. The best answer to this question can be obtained by conducting a user research.

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  • Content Strategy

    Ellis Pratt recently gave a webinar in which he said that “content strategy” gets more hits on Google than “technical documentation”. Content strategy is hot! Having a proper content strategy is essential because it can influence a user’s purchasing decision and ensure that customers return to a particular brand. In this blog, we look into this in greater detail.

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  • Ten ways to improve the customer journey

    Immediately after a product is purchased, its user consults the manual. This is usually the last time the consumer has contact with the company from whom the product was purchased. And after all the effort that you, as a company, have put into developing a good product and good marketing, you especially do not want the last time that you have contact to be a negative experience! In this blog, I discuss the main points on which at this time the customer journey can be improved.

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  • A strategic approach to organize your content

    Before creating your manual or set of manuals, it is always a good idea to decide on a so-called content strategy. A content strategy basically is your answer to a simple question. That question is: which output channels would you like to use? Would you like to be online or would a printed edition of your manual do? Would offline presence on your smartphone be the solution? Manualise can help you answering these questions.

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