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A fast-growing business requires a flexible solution. Smart, qualitative and future-proof. No sooner said than done.

Barista Technology BV is an international startup, founded by two students from Delft University of Technology. Specialising in the development of innovative products, Barista Technology BV is dedicated to enhancing the quality of coffee. Their range includes automatic (precision) coffee tampers like the Puqpress, providing a seamless and precise coffee tamping experience.

The challenge

The high rate of growth compromised the manageability (or otherwise) of their documentation. Barista Technology Ltd. asked Manualise to professionalize their existing manuals – with their associated variations and translations – and optimize their management.

The solution

Manualise developed comprehensive manuals for multiple product variants, including:

  • Installation manuals
  • User manuals
  • Quick start guides
  • Clear illustrations
  • Concise, unambiguous texts

bundled in a user-friendly, multilingual manual in 14 languages.

Sustainable document management

Barista Technology BV has fully outsourced the company’s documentation management to us. This means that all manuals are now centrally managed through our innovative content management system, allowing for quick and easy updates and generation of new manuals as needed. We utilised existing formatting templates and retained 80% of the content through reuse.

Maximum results, with minimal effort

Smart document management and equally smart reusable, multi-purpose manuals. Easily adaptable, future-proof, fully customised, and available in the languages of your choice. Naturally, they comply with EU regulations and adhere to the brand book of Barista Technology Ltd.

Our actions

  • Vision Development
  • Content model & strategy serving reuse of existing content
  • EU conformity investigation
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Editing & sharpening manuals
  • Design & provide graphic content
  • Hands-on check using relevant product
  • Translation to 13 languages
  • Delivery in PDF and HTML5

The result

✓ A first-class user experience

✓ Compliant with applicable laws and regulations

✓ Easy manageability

✓ Increased flexibility in deployment

✓ Significant cost reduction

✓ Improved control and efficiency

✓ Lower probability of mistakes

✓ Future proof


Faster collaboration. Anticipation. And increased quality. With Manualise.

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