Urban Arrow

Fast-growing Urban Arrow could use a boost.

By now a familiar image to many. Parents deftly maneuvering their children through the busy downtown with an Urban Arrow cargo bike. But did you know that Urban Arrow is now a major player in Cargo solutions? And that even internationally!

To serve diverse audiences and markets, Urban Arrow soon ran into a downside to its success: documentation. Whereas in the beginning a single manual in two languages was sufficient, today the amount of documents is a multiple. This, of course, brings challenges. Time to call in a specialist. Contact with Manualise was quickly established.

The challenge

Urban Arrow initially submitted three manuals to Manualise. Each of these consisted of a full manual and a quick start guide. The challenge was to check the existing manuals for completeness and conformity and then edit the texts. This had to take into account the current writing style. In addition, a sustainable set-up for expansion and maintenance of source language and translations was desired.

The solution

Manualise checked the manuals for compliance and professionalized them. New texts were written, outdated illustrations were updated, and missing illustrations were created. Then the content was housed in a content management system. Dividing the content into modules allowed significant savings in translation costs and also made it possible to perform updates quickly and efficiently. Manualise now has 22 documents under its belt for Urban Arrow.

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