SSOT-based product manuals. For print and online.

Nedis is a trading company that sells its products in more than 20 European countries.

In order to serve its large customer base as effectively as possible, Nedis has a wide range of products that is constantly changing. This organisational challenge, combined with the desire to professionalise the manuals themselves, brought Nedis into contact with Manualise, marking the beginning of an intensive collaboration.

The challenge

With a large range of products, Nedis has a high demand for manuals. Add to that the fact that lead times are short, the number of languages is large, and Nedis was eager to provide its customers with abbreviated manuals in the box combined with comprehensive manuals online, and lo and behold: a sizeable challenge.

The solution

To meet the demand for a large number of manuals, Nedis implemented a scalable concept. This concept included a combination of a quick start guide inside the product packaging and a comprehensive online manual. Texts and illustrations were efficiently managed using a content management system. By adopting a generic approach to the texts, a significant portion of the source and target languages could be reused for different product categories. Additionally, through the use of selection sets, both the quick start guide and the comprehensive online manual could be generated from the same source. This streamlined approach ensured efficient production and maintained consistency across all manuals.


Key benefits of smart multilingual content management:

  • The ability to generate both printed and online documentation from a single source (SSOT)
  • Multilingual documentation at fixed prices and fixed delivery times
  • Controlled version control

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