Shell Recharge

Energising through an installation manual.

Shell EV Charging Solutions (formerly NewMotion) offers its customers reliable charging solutions for electric vehicles.

The fast-growing company not only witnessed a rapid expansion of its product portfolio but also experienced a significant increase in documentation, including installation manuals. They reached out to Manualise to maintain manageability and enhance the quality of these manuals.

The challenge

It was crucial to organise the documentation in a smart way, due to international growth. At this point there was a lack of basic material available. Shell had a clear vision with the desire to create a distinction between a quick installation guide and a more comprehensive reference online. This more comprehensive reference work needed to be easily readable on a phone but also downloadable as a PDF. In short, it presented a lot of challenges all at once and we were eager to tackle them.

The solution

Manualise first of all mapped out the product portfolio with the aim of gaining insight into overlapping content. Based on this insight, templates were subsequently developed, and generic texts and illustrations were created. Afterwards, Manualise created quick installation guides that are predominantly visual, accompanied by comprehensive online manuals. These online reference materials provide in-depth background information and can be conveniently accessed and read on various devices such as phones, PCs, and tablets. Additionally, they are available for download as PDFs in multiple languages for maximum convenience.

This was accomplished through the following steps:

  • Analysing the product portfolio and creating a content model
  • Creating standardised content
  • Smart templates
  • Clear illustrations
  • Step-by-step instructions in simple Dutch
  • Incorporating an appealing design

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