Solis of Switzerland

25 multilingual quick start guides. In no time at all.

Solis aims to enrich and simplify the lives of consumers with its range of household appliances.

Thanks to this mission, Solis has achieved tremendous success on an international scale, with its products being sold and embraced by consumers worldwide.

Developing quick start guides perfectly aligns with Solis’ mission and is in line with Manualise’s expertise. We were thrilled when we received the request to create 25 product-specific multilingual guides within a short timeframe. We developed a fitting concept and proposal for widespread implementation, which received positive feedback from the client, and we were given the green light to proceed.



The challenge

The challenge was to deliver 25 manuals in 19 languages within a fixed budget and an ambitious timeline.

The solution

To ensure the success of the project, a team was quickly assembled, and a detailed plan was created. Part of the plan involved mapping out the available multilingual content using a content model, with the aim of maximising reuse of the usable portions. Based on this content model, several concept versions were initially developed and approved by the client. We then populated our content management system, enabling us to ramp up production quickly and meet the deadline while staying within budget.

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