H2L Robotics

This high-end technology called for a ditto manual.

H2L Robotics is developer of a tulip selection robot, the Selector180. This fully automatic machine drives over the field using RTK-GPS. Cameras capture images of the tulips while driving and detect viruses. Then the robot provides treatment on the leaf.

To bring this high-end device to market, a manual was needed. Manualise was contacted for this purpose.

The challenge

The first machines had already been sold. The development of the manual was therefore subject to an ambitious deadline. No time to sit back. We had to roll up our sleeves and get to work!

The solution

Fortunately, we were able to count on excellent support from the client. After getting acquainted with the machine and controls, a conformity analysis was performed. This resulted in a structure design, followed by a content design. After optimisation, the content was formatted into a print-ready file.

Here is a summary of the tasks we performed:

  • Analysing the product
  • Mapping compliance requirements.
  • Designing the structure
  • Writing the text
  • Creating the illustrations
  • Developing a template
  • Shaping the final design

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