Kyocera Senco

Revising the out (and in)-of-the-box manual.

Kyocera Senco specialises in fastening solutions and focuses on the development of innovative tools, fasteners, and accessories.

As the company undergoes rapid growth, it inevitably faces certain challenges along the way. These challenges extend to the documentation aspect, including the user manuals. To gain better control over the growing demand for multilingual user manuals, Kyocera Senco sought the expertise of Manualise.

The challenge

Kyocera Senco has a vision to eventually publish all its manuals only online. However, due to current regulations, this is not yet possible. Nevertheless, in order to be well-prepared for changing regulations, Kyocera wanted both printed and online versions of its manuals in various European languages. Fortunately, this challenge aligned perfectly with Manualise’s expertise.

The solution

Since Kyocera Senco already had a significant number of multilingual manuals in its possession, Manualise first assessed which content could be reused. This content was then incorporated into the multilingual content management system.

Subsequently, Manualise developed the following:

  • A list of relevant conformity requirements
  • A general document structure
  • A template for both print and online formats
  • New content in addition to the existing content

These developments have enabled Manualise to consistently and efficiently conduct revisions and create new manuals for Kyocera. Quick, reliable and available in every relevant language.

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